Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home A Year

Well, I can't believe it but we arrived home from Kazakhstan one year ago today. It has been an amazing year. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the adjustment has been a roller coaster. There has been sleep deprivation, exhaustion, blood, sweat, and yes, tears. But there has been laughter, excitement, pure joy, and total unconditional love. I am so proud of Cameron and the progress he has made over the past year and continues to make. He continues to work with a physical and occupational therapist and is getting ready to begin speech therapy. He has come a long way but we still have some work to do. He is still developmentally delayed but he has made great strides from the almost 8 month old baby I first met in Kaz who could not sit on his own and spent most of his time staring at his fingers. I could not be a more proud Mom!

I always said this blog was meant to chronicle my journey to Kaz and the first year home. And considering the name of this blog is Kaz Bound and we have Been There Done That, I feel it is time to bring this blog to an end. However, I am in the process of setting up a new blog that I will use for updates on my life with Cameron. And who knows, (only God does at this point), maybe there will be a journey to another as well. I'll post the link to the new blog as soon as I finish getting it ready.

Thanks to everyone for following along. I always appreciate the comments and the encouragement I have received, from some who I have never met.

God Bless!


The Conley Family said...

Theresa and Cameron,
Wow, one year!!! We got back Dec. 17 what a journey! Cameron is so adorable! Thinking about you all a lot and Kazakhstan and all the little ones left behind. How wonderful Cameron came home! I have not kept up our blog, but I am trying a little family website. We would love to have you visit. Anna and Sarah are the biggest blessings ever! Take Care, Shari

Jen and Marshall said...

Happy Anniversary! That photo is extraordinary! We were all together for a very special time - and now we are all celebrating our special anniversaries at the same time. That is so cool. I don't think I could have imagined how special this time would be - every year. Forever.

Thinking of you both. Always.

kristen said...

i have LOVED your blog and look forward to the next as well as cameron continues to grow and learn. i can't believe you've been home a year!


Mich said...

Hi there. My husband and I just returned from Semey. Our son is a year old and will join us in the U.S. in late January. I found your blog just before we left for Kaz, and it was such a relief to hear all the wonderful things about the Baby House and the LMI staff. I just wanted to say thanks for a great read and to wish you luck in the years to come!